From the trend lists: Four opportunities to explore in 2021

After 2020 brought challenges across the agriculture supply chain, various trend reports show four main opportunities to explore in 2021.

  • Online grocery shopping has increased, primarily because consumers are trying to save time in the grocery store. One survey recommended that retailers keep up with this trend to stay relevant. When shopping online, 50% of consumers buy less produce than they do in-store and they are less likely to try new products.
  • Produce packaging increased in 2020, primarily due to consumer perceptions about food safety, shoppers favoring grab-and-go over bulk and retailers using more packaged product to use less labor. For the supplier, packaging also provides another avenue for brand communication and advertising for online-shoppers.
  • Almost half of consumers plan to spend more money on groceries in 2021 and while comfort foods will still be on the grocery list, consumers will also be looking for new ideas after eating at home for a year.
  • In addition to comfort foods and new ideas, the 2020 spike in citrus sales shows that consumers will be looking for foods with specific health benefits, such as citrus, mushrooms and adaptogens.

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