Help John Aue collate and analyze growers’ thinning practices

Many growers think they may have overthinned this season. John Aue is willing to collate and analyze thinning information to see how different approaches have worked this season. To participate, send John the following:
a. Date of petal fall for a specific variety in your orchard (preferably McIntosh)
b. Thinner information: date of thinner application, type of thinner used, rate/concentration of thinner, portion of orchard sprayed with thinner (eg. entire orchard, or only on certain varieties)
c. List varieties that overthinned. List the varieties that did not overthin.
d. List the daily high/lows from petal fall through June 20.
The results of the analysis will be posted on Apple Talk and will be kept anonymous. Send your information to John via e-mail to You may also mail the information to John at 17336 Merry Hill Road, Richland Center, WI 53581.