Midwest Grows Green

Midwest Grows Green is an initiative of the IPM Institute that educates and empowers citizens to take sustainable landscaping action that reduces harmful runoff into our waterways, protects the health of our most vulnerable citizens and reduces negative impacts of pesticides on non-target species such as pollinators.


MGG wants to make all public and private parks, playing fields and outdoor landscapes in the Midwest organic by 2030. MGG works with local activist organizations to engage residents, retailers and those who manage outdoor spaces on sustainable, eco-friendly solutions to their lawn and landscaping needs. All of MGG’s programs work to reinforce the other, thereby amplifying the sustainable landscaping message.


MGG focuses on urban, peri-urban and rural greenspaces of grass, natural areas and other landscaping intended for recreational or aesthetic use. Greenspaces include, but are not limited to, parks, athletic & recreational turfgrass fields, corporate and educational campuses, wetlands, shorelines, forest preserves, prairies and more.

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Specialist II: Sustainable Communities Group