The Potato Sustainability Alliance

The Potato Sustainability Alliance (PSA) is a unique platform for farmers, supply chain partners, industry organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities and advisers to work together to define, measure and advance potato sustainability in the United States and Canada. PSA sprouted from The IPM Institute of North America.

“When you eat a sustainable potato, you are supporting a farmer and an entire community that embraces their commitment to care for the environment.”


The Potato Sustainability Alliance (PSA) got its start ten years ago when a group of potato processors, farmers, distributors and a major restaurant chain collaborated to create the Potato Sustainability Initiative (PSI). Facilitated by Sustainable Food Group’s parent organization, IPM Institute of North America, PSI’s overall goals focused on safe and nutritious food and environmental stewardship including the use of integrated pest management (IPM) practices such as crop rotation, pollinator protection, and holistic pest management tactics.

In January 2020, PSI expanded its stakeholder footprint and evolved into an independent round table format with a membership base that includes grower organizations, processors, packers, buyers, input suppliers, industry organizations, environmental Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), researchers and others.  PSA is committed to defining, benchmarking and monitoring sustainability, and driving impact through engagement, collaboration and partnerships.

Members of the Alliance, together with over 550 U.S. and Canadian farmers, are committed to advancing a common vision of potato sustainability and delivering economic, environmental and social outcomes at scale.

“The Potato Sustainability Alliance works at the intersection of farmers, businesses, and communities as the trusted alliance to support, advance, and communicate potato sustainability.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Potato Sustainability Alliance, contact John Mesko at or visit their website.