Introducing Samuel Pratsch

Hello all, Lisa here. In early April, I will be moving to Sequim, WA to work on a farm called Nash’s Organic Produce and to work for the Organic Seed Alliance. I am sad to leave all of the great folks who make the Eco-Fruit Project such a success, but I’m happy to say that I’m leaving you all in good hands.

Samuel Pratsch was hired a few weeks ago, and will take over my position when I leave. Samuel has over ten years of experience doing outreach with farmers and other agricultural specialists. As a Peace Corps volunteer, he worked with rural Paraguayan farmers to help them adopt integrated pest management and soil conservation practices, and to help them diversify their cropping systems by integrating trees.

Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in the Environment and Resources program through the Nelson Institute at UW-Madison. His Ph.D. project focuses on sustainable agriculture and farmer knowledge systems in a region called the paramo of Venezuela. Read more about Samuel’s work at the Nelson Institute

Samuel is eager to meet many of you at upcoming meetings and field days. If you see him at an event, please introduce yourself and tell him a bit about your orchard operation. He would appreciate it!