IPM Brochure

At grower request, we are working with WAGA to organize a group printing of our recently completed IPM brochure. We hope that this brochure will help you to teach your customers about IPM. You can download a copy of the brochure below.
Right now, we need to get a preliminary idea of how many brochures all of you would order so we can ask for estimates from printers. When deciding how many copies to order, keep in mind that we don’t know when or if we will be organizing a printing of this brochure again.
Send your orders to Lisa DiPietro at ldipietro@wisc.edu or 608-265-3637. Please order in quantities of 100.
We will take preliminary orders through Monday, May 12. Once we have an estimate of the cost of printing, we will give you a chance to confirm your order. Once everyone has confirmed their orders, we will send the brochure to the printer. WAGA will send you your brochures along with an invoice.

Download the brochure