IPM Conference Calls 2011: May 24, Summary and Download

Today’s themes: The difference between tree phenology and insect/disease biology — on scab and arthropods

  1. Overall message of today’s call: We can’t base our pest predictions on the stage of tree growth alone; we have to take the weather into account.
  2. (04:45) Apple scab: We’re probably further along in ascospore than we’d assume from degree day model. We may have already had a couple of cycles. If you see any lesions, be sure to keep coverage interval close.
  3. (13:00) Black rot: Either already started or close to starting.
  4. (16:10) On Serenade: Effectiveness, conflicts with lime sulfur.
  5. (18:25) On lime sulfur application and pollinators
  6. (19:45) On EBDC and eradicants against scab
  7. (21:35) Fire blight: Risk has probably passed, unless you get hail or wind damage
  8. (24:00) Insects: Some of the insects are further along than the trees are, because of the strange weather.
  9. (26:05) Thrips: eastern flower thrips vs. western flower thrips, and their threat to apples and small fruit
  10. (29:25) Rosy apple aphids: Time to scout for them, as they should be easy to spot by the curled leaves.
  11. (31:30) White apple leaf hoppers
  12. (32:55) Question: What kind of threshold do we have for white apple leaf hoppers and rosy apple aphids?
  13. (37:45) Lepidoptera: Spotted tentiform leafminer, Red-banded leaf roller, Oblique-banded leaf roller, Green fruit worm
  14. (39:50) Question: How do you differentiate Oblique-banded, Red-banded, and Green fruit worm?
  15. (45:10) Plum curculio: Unlikely that it’s made it deep into the orchard, and would recommend a perimeter spray.
  16. (51:10) Question: How useful are Plum curculio traps?
  17. Download the May 24 recording here:
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