IPM Conference Calls begin Tuesday, April 15 at 8 am.

This season, we are happy to again offer free weekly conference calls with IPM coach John Aue and other IPM experts. The purpose of the calls is to help growers get their pest management questions answered more quickly and easily.
To address grower feedback regarding last year’s calls, we have made a few changes:
1.) New this year, you will need to submit your questions to John by 10 pm the night before the call. Preferably, please e-mail your questions to John at jgaue@mwt.net. If you do not have access to the internet, you can call John with your questions at 608-604-0234. Before the call, John will review the questions he receives; if he receives more than he can answer in the one hour conference call, he will give first priority to questions he believes are most relevant to the majority of call participants.
2.) We will reserve 15 minutes at the end of the call for any new questions.
3.) Also to improve the calls, we request that participating growers send John any trap counts relevant to their question(s) by the night prior to the call.
You’ll also notice that the calls are scheduled for 8am instead of 9am this season; we hope that this earlier time will be more convenient for most growers.
Draft call agenda:
8:00-8:10 John’s report on current status of orchards
8:10-8:45 John and/or other participating experts addresses growers’ questions
8:45-9:00 New questions
We are tentatively scheduling most calls throughout the season for Tuesdays at 8 am. This schedule could change due to the weather or other scheduling conflicts.
Here is how to get on to the call:
Dial: 712-580-0100
Enter this access code: 516817
Other helpful numbers:
press 3 to exit a call
press 4 to get a menu of touchtone commands
press 6 to mute your line. press 6 again to un-mute your line
Customer help line: 877-482-5838
We’ll be recording this call. If you would like to hear the call recording, dial (641) 715-3436, then enter this access code: 516817