January 13 Pre-Season IPM Conference Call

Note: John will post a review of management options for major apple pests and diseases later this week.
1. A price increase for several disease control materials may necessitate more spray-thrifty management plans.
2. Reasons why many orchards had better scab control last season
3. Reasons why some growers had poor scab control last season
4. Special concerns with black rot and white rot due to last season’s hail
5. Overview of scab, fireblight, black rot/white rot, and powdery mildew control strategies using various combinations of EBDCs, copper, strobilurins, sterol inhibitors, Captan, cultural techniques, etc.
6. Focusing an insect pest management program around CM
7. Reports of successful use of mating disruption on less than 5 acres
8. Drawbacks of mating disruption
9. Effects of delayed PC migration last season
10. Benefits of using Avaunt instead of an OP for PC
11. Drawbacks of using Rimon at petal fall for CM
12. Using Delegate and Altacor for CM control
13. Cutting costs by spraying less in areas with low insect pest pressure
14. Managing Japanese beetle
15. Reasons to continue controlling CM even as population numbers dwindle late in season
16. Using CM virus late in season
17. Control options for wooly apple aphid
18. An inquiry from Michelle Miller: who is interested in partnering with the Eco-Apple project to try cutting edge, low-risk management programs?

Download the call (this recording is 2 hours long)