John will post soon!

He promised…In the meantime, I offered to post a note from him to let you know that he will post photos taken during bloom of early scab, PC damage, and other pest issues. So he is visting as many farms as he can to help everyone move forward during this critical time. As he said on the phone, “Petal fall is petal fall and it comes but once a year…”
John is working with Vern Forrest on his EQIP plan, above, photo courtesy of Tom Greene.

The SE network is meeting again in mid-June. They have two new members this year. I haven’t heard from the Chippewa Valley, except to see that John has been visiting up there quite a bit. I also heard an update from Vijai that he has hired an intern and work is proceeding as planned in the Bayfield orchards.
Regina is busy setting up field days for agency staff to learn more about what it takes to run an orchard, planned for July and August this summer. We expect to bring 60-75 agency staff to orchards around the state so that when local sign up for EQIP starts for 2007, they have a better idea of what it is you do and you have had a chance to meet them and share your concerns.
Finally, I am already looking ahead to November and an All-Grower meeting. We may not have it in Madison this year. If you have any preference please let me know.