July 16 Conference Call

John’s Updates:
1. OFM numbers have been increasing. In the last four to five days John has seen significant numbers of OFM.
2. Some orchards’ CM counts never dropped below threshold.
3. Apple maggot numbers are increasing, but they are not yet very high on most orchards.
4. The second generation tissue feeders of spotted tentiform leaf miners have emerged. Check for parasitism.
5. Wooly apple aphids are increasingly a problem. Monitor closely wooly apple aphid population numbers.
6. John has seen terminal leaves on shoots heavily infested with apple rust mites. Make note of any apple rust mite damage to understand more clearly the mites’ effect on your trees.
Conversation Topics:
1. Setting second generation biofix for CM.
2. Addressing high trap catches of CM in only one part of a small (15 acre) orchard.
3. Treatment of the growing Japanese beetle problem.
4. Management of wooly apple aphid.
5 Potato leaf hopper nymphs: their entrance into orchards, characterization of leaf hopper damage, treatment options.
6. Effect of time of day and wind conditions on apple maggot flight and on apple maggot lures.
7. Effect of moisture levels on apple maggot emergence.
8. Tracking leaf wetness hours for scab, sooty blotch, fly speck, and powdery mildew.