July 23 Conference Call

John’s Updates
1. In many orchards, second generation CM are starting to fly in dramatic numbers.
Conversation Topics
1. San Jose scale- ability to spread very quickly, how to scout for it.
2. 17-year Cicadas- most have completed their life cycle, so no longer pose a threat.
3. Wooly apple aphid- more widespread this year, will become more of a problem during harvest, monitoring, control with Diazinon or Provado.
4. Codling moth- materials for control of second generation, examining CM larvae in fruit to determine: (a) when a break in coverage occurred and (b) if trap counts reflect infestation levels.
5. Apple rust mites- effect of predator mites in controlling populations.
6. Two-spotted mites- cause more damage in hot, dry years, monitoring method.
7. Red banded leaf roller- high trap counts do not necessarily indicate high infestation rates.
8. Japanese beetles- control measures, host preferences.