July 9 Conference Call Summary

John’s Updates
1. The Dogwood Borer flight is nearly over.
2. The OBLR flight has been more sporadic and lighter than years past. A number of orchards, however, are at threshold for larvae even though adult counts were low.
3. Wooly apple aphid is a potential problem for a number of orchards. When these aphids are not biologically controlled, Diazanon and Provado are about the only effective materials.
4. Even if you see Red Mite damage, check for the presence of adults before spraying.
5. John hasn’t seen any Apple Maggots yet, but two of the growers on the call had trapped some Apple Maggots.
6. Codling Moths have not yet started their second flight.
7. The leaf wetness threshold for sooty blotch/fly speck will be approaching in the next couple of weeks.
8. If you are planning on doing a leaf analysis, do so in the next couple of weeks before the leaves age too much.
Conversation Topics
1. Spraying for scab at this point in the season.
2. Apple Maggot: pros/cons of using lures with the sticky traps, placement of sticky traps, timing of control, materials for control.
3. Differentiating active and inactive scab lesions.
4. Apple Ermine Moth and RBLR found in same traps.
5. Determining a biofix, using Rymin for the second flight of CM.
If you would like to hear the call recording, dial (641) 985-5036, then enter the access code 516817. You will be able to hear the recording until it is replaced by the next week’s call. The next call will be held on Monday, July 16.