June 2016 is National Healthy Homes Month

This June, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes (OLHCHH) is launching a campaign to educate the public about the importance of healthy homes with the theme of “Everyone Deserves a Healthy Home.” National Healthy Homes Month (NHHM) is an outreach campaign designed to create awareness about and action around home health and safety hazards and to empower families to learn how to create the healthiest home possible for their family.  The month is designed to encourage and promote organized community events; and increase healthy homes awareness.  The month will also highlight federal and local resources that are available to make a difference in the places where families live, play and grow.  The NHHM will focus on the following principles of a healthy home: how keep homes dry, clean, pest-free, safe, contaminant-free, well-ventilated and maintained and temperature-controlled.  HUD has developed a Healthy Homes Tool Kit to help practitioners plan and promote awareness activities in the community that is available here.