Latest IPM Practitioner Now Available

The latest IPM Practitioner is now online at

The featured article is “IPM for the Western Corn Rootworm.” The western corn rootworm, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera, is billion dollar superbug characterized by prolific reproduction, widespread dispersal, and resistance both to pesticides and genetically engineered traits. Many predators eat it only as a last resort, due to body fluids that are chemically and physically repelling. Global warming may also be a factor, as warmer winters may allow more eggs to survive.

The pest has become more of a problem in recent years due to increased corn plantings and over-reliance on genetic engineering as the sole management strategy. An IPM program is presented that will effectively manage the insect while preventing pesticide resistance and environmental damage. High corn yields can be achieved without genetically engineered BT crops and with minimal pesticide applications.

This issue also contains a Special Pheromone Report from the 2016 ESA Meeting in Orlando, FL.

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