May 27 IPM Conference Call Summary

Conversation Topics
1. Using Dodine or Topsin on scab lesions
2. Opportunity to participate in a Purdue project studying scab fungicide resistance to a range of fungicides.
3. Some disease resistant varieties susceptible to scab
4. Scab issues: possibility of ascospores degrading, danger of fruit infection, shortened infection periods once conidia are present on scab lesions
5. Trauma blight: using streptomycin within 24 hours of trauma, mycoshield, etc.
6. Setting CM Biofix, a Southern WI example
7. PC: holding off on petal fall spray if no evidence of feeding damage, scouting for feeding damage
8. Scouting for sap feeder mines
9. Scouting for San Jose scale
10. Scouting for and managing two-spotted spider mites
11. Managing tent caterpillars
12. Kickback materials and fruit scab
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