More Consumers Want to Avoid Pesticide Exposure in Their Food and Lawn Care Products

Survey results from the family-owned company One Degree Organic Foods revealed that the majority of North Americans try to limit their pesticide exposure, both in the foods they buy (69%) and in home lawn care (53%).

Sustainable Food Group (SFG) and Midwest Grows Green (MGG), both part of the IPM Institute, work on projects to increase implementation of practices that reduce pesticide exposure.

SFG’s Sustainability Standard addresses a broad range of areas related to sustainable agriculture. For growers, it provides a meaningful tool to measure, communicate and improve the adoption of sustainability best practices. For buyers, The Sustainability Standard provides assurance that suppliers are adopting best practices related to sustainable agriculture and allows for tracking performance across the supply chain in order to pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

MGG supports greenspace transitions away from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers through its Technical Assistance Program (TAP). TAP provides sustainable landscaping implementation, improvement and marketing support to its park district, school and municipality clients. MGG also has various resources for homeowners including a natural lawn care guide.