MSU apple webinars

Technology keeps coming to the apple orchard. The latest is in the form of webinars, or live web seminars, offering apple growers an opportunity to learn what’s new in research and growing techniques from the comfort of their homes. Denise Donohue, executive director of the Michigan Apple Association, said, “This winter growers have the opportunity to participate in educational programs featuring research results from their home or office computer. We are excited to bring growers up-to-date on research efforts funded by the Michigan Apple Committee in this new time saving/no travel method.”
*What are webinars?*
Webinars are a live PowerPoint presentations broadcast over the Internet to registered attendees. Participants have the opportunity to call-in questions for the speaker and to provide input or personal experiences related to the topic.
Cost of each webinar is $30 ($20 for MAA members).[Note, if any of you are interested, I would be happy to negotiate this lower fee for WI participants. –m3]
The first webinar is scheduled for January 15, with Mark Whalon on ecosystem services in orchards. More information is posted on Apple Talk. Two additional sessions will cover pruning and pest management without OPs.
To learn more, contact Cindy Reisig, MAA education director, at (800) 456-2753 or . We can accept registrations by phone or fax with complete credit card information. On-line registration through is coming soon.
The following webinars will be broadcast *Thursdays 1:00- 2:00 PM*. from Agriculture Hall on Michigan State University’s campus with assistance of MSU-Extension personnel:
*January 15*—Dr. Mark Whalon, MSU entomologist, will present: A Greener Congress and a Green Public = Changes in Michigan Apple Production. This webinar will feature a “how to” on measuring ecosystem services in orchards, the future of reduced risk compounds and information regarding “softer” biopesticides being tested for common apple insects. Sponsored by Bayer Crop Science.
*February 12*—MSU’s premiere pruning expert, Dr. Ron Perry, professor of horticulture, will give a refresher course on winter pruning of apple trees. Orchard owners and employees alike will benefit from learning what cuts will lead to best fruit production. Sponsorship available.
*March 5*—Dr. Larry Gut, MSU entomologist, will present “Looking Ahead: Managing Apple Pests without OPs.” Gut has multiple topics planned that will improve the bottom line of any orchard. Sponsored by DuPont.