New Approach to Asthma and IAQ Management Webinar Now On-Demand

This webinar highlights new approaches to school IAQ management and reducing asthma triggers. Use these approaches to—

  • Develop a value proposition for your program.
  • Present a compelling business case to school administrators.
  • Gain buy-in and funding for initiatives.
  • Get results! Improve the health of school occupants and save your program money in the long run.

In the webinar Using Data to Drive Buy-In and Funding to Reduce Asthma Triggers: The Value Proposition of School IAQ Management, you will learn how to—

  • Harness the power of evaluation to develop a business case, a value proposition and a communication strategy that generate broader acceptance of, compliance with and funding for IAQ management, with a specific focus on reducing asthma triggers.
  • Employ evidence-based strategies and proven practices that are being used in school-based health centers across the country to reduce exposure to environmental asthma triggers.
  • Replicate the strategies used by a school district that successfully reduced asthma attacks, increased attendance and improved academic performance through effective implementation of the “Communicate” and “Evaluate” Key Drivers of the IAQ Tools for Schools Framework.

IAQ Knowledge-to-Action Professional Training Webinar Series

The ongoing IAQ Knowledge-to-Action Professional Training Webinar Series comprises several 1-hour technical, core-competency, Web-based trainings that demonstrate how the knowledge gained in the IAQ Master Class Professional Training Webinar Series can be translated into actions that improve or sustain an IAQ management program within your school or school district.

Learn from technical experts, industry leaders and model school districts during these live webinars, which are followed by 30-minute mentoring Q&A sessions.

You will learn how to implement a successful organizational and programmatic framework for comprehensive, proactive IAQ management using EPA’s Framework for Effective School IAQ Management: Key Drivers. In addition, the series will cover the critical actions needed to address building-related environmental health issues (Technical Solutions) and will explain how to use the detailed walkthrough assessment checklists in the School IAQ Assessment Mobile App to identify and prioritize IAQ improvements.

Gain recognition for your knowledge acquisition and commitment to action by receiving a certificate of completion for each training.