New Issue of IPM Insights Available

The July 2016 issue of IPM Insights is now available from the Northeastern IPM Center. This month’s issue is all about IPM and organic farming.  Topics covered this month include:

  • Challenges and opportunities for ecologically-based growers: Even as expectations for higher-quality food rise, we face water and air pollution, loss of beneficial organisms, and increasing persistence of pests.
  • Foundations of IPM, organic point way over barriers: Adherents of organic and IPM practices share a basic principle: emphasis is placed on human health, the environment, and economics.
  • Ecologically-based growers face obstacles and market could help: Money has spun the world of food, particularly food produced using IPM and organic practices.
  • IPM and organic moving forward together: Is it time to re-assess and re-label both IPM and organic as ecologically-based?

Check out this month’s issue online or as a downloadable PDF.