New issue of IPM Insights now available online

The November edition of IPM Insights from the Northeastern IPM Center is now available for download. In this edition you will find the following articles:

An Introduction to Beneficial Organisms and Habitat

Farmers, gardeners, homeowners, and land managers can cultivate rich habitats for beneficial organisms and suppress pests.

Growers: Make Friends with the Good Bugs to Battle Pests

Margaret Skinner and her team are studying plants as a foundation in an IPM approach to manage aphids and other pests cost-effectively.

Manipulate Habitats to Increase Beneficial Organisms

Growers often use the IPM technique of increasing the complexity and diversity of vegetation to fight bad bugs.

Chemical Ecology Could Address Pests, Help Pollinators

Some plants emit chemical “help” signals that call natural enemies—such as beneficial insects—to their aid.

Ideas for Your Nuisance Deer Conservation Program

Imagine that you could hire a consultant to help you deal with the ecological damage caused by having too many deer in your municipality.