Order bulk native prairie seed!

A note from River Country Resource Conservation and Development

Bulk native prairie seed available for custom orders. River Country Resource Conservation and Development Council, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit based out of Altoona, WI. Every year we purchase a variety of native grass, flower and legume seeds from regional seed producers and sell them to landowners and the general public. We solicit bids from over 35 regional seed producers and then select seed purchases based on locality (how close they are to West Central Wisconsin), price and quality of seed. Our bid process allows us to purchase the best quality, local variety seed at an extremely competitive rate. Because we buy in large quantities we are able to offer landowners lower prices than they would experience purchasing directly from seed companies.

We have a large quantity of the following species of seed leftover: Big bluestem, Side-oats grama, Canada wildrye, Switchgrass, Little bluestem, Indiangrass, Leadplant, Butterfly milkweed, Sky-blue aster, Canadian milkvetch, Prairie tickseed, Purple prairie clover, Flowering spurge, Ox-eye sunflower, Showy sunflower, Western sunflower, Round-headed bush clover, Prairie blazing star, Wild blue lupine, Wild bergamot, Foxglove beardtongue, Prairie cinquefoil, Yellow coneflower, Black-eyed susan, Rosinweed, Stiff goldenrod, Showy goldenrod, Ohio spiderwort, Hoary vervain and Golden alexander.

Orders are bagged and made available within 5 days of order. Shipping may be available for small quantities of seed at buyers expense. Grass seed can be sold to the tenth of a pound and flowers/legumes can be sold to the hundredth of the ounce. Large or small orders may be arranged, so this offer is great for large-scale plantings to the home gardener. Please see the price list and contact Erica via email (erica@rivercountryrcd.org) for more information. Thank you!