Organic Apple Grower’s Hour: August 21 Summary

Participants (7 total): Deirdre Birmingham, Mineral Point, WI; Tom Galazen, Bayfield, WI; Linda Hezel, Kearney, MO; Doug Waples, Soldier, IA; Lisa DiPietro, Madison, WI; Michael Phillips, Groveton, NH
Discussion Topics:
1. Current events at Michael’s orchard: picking Dutchess, coyotes eating Red Free and Williams Pride
2. Early drops: causes of, options for addressing the problem of
3. Brix: uses for Brix data, sample Brix readings from Michaels’s early apples, getting a leaf sap Brix reading, etc.
4. Plant sap pH: possible indicator of plant health studied by researcher Bruce Tainio
5. What to consider when one’s trees are magnesium deficient while one’s soil contains too much magnesium and too little calcium.
6. Managing fungal diseases (including “red spot”) on yellow apples
7. Benefits of spreading a small circle of pea stone around the base of young trees.
8. Strategies for managing voles
9. Deciding to relocate 2 year old trees: can they be moved without causing too much damage?
10. Herbal medicine for orchards
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