Organic Apple Grower’s Hour: July 10 Summary

Participants: (6 total) Deirdre Birmingham, Mineral Point, WI; Doug Waples, Soldier, IA; Sam Atkins, Bayfield, WI; Harry Hoch, La Crescent, MN; WI; Lisa DiPietro, Madison, WI; Michael Phillips, Groveton, NH
Discussion topics:
1. Current events in Michael’s orchard: 14 day spray interval of neem and nettle, monitoring AM, encounter with a moose, etc.
2. Encouraging a beneficial-friendly orchard understory in late July
3. Using aged compost to encourage soil microorganisms
4. Managing second generation CM
5. Managing Surround residues on harvested apples at Hoch orchard
6. Spray tank combos: dipel and sulfur, surround and neem, etc.
7. Dwarfing rootstocks not showing precociousness on Michael’s farm
8. New varieties susceptible to disease
9. Fish powder vs. fish emulsion vs. cold-processed liquid fish
If you would like to hear the call recording via telephone, dial (712) 432-1284, then enter this access code: 868736. Each week’s recording will be available via telephone until it is erased by the following week’s call.

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