Organic Apple Grower’s Hour: June 19 Summary

Participants: (7 total) Deirdre Birmingham, Mineral Point, WI; Doug Waples, Soldier, IA; Jim Lindemann, McFarland, WI; WI; Lisa DiPietro, Madison, WI; Michael Phillips, Groveton, NH; John Aue, Richland Center, WI, one grower did not announce their name.
Discussion topics:
1. Weather in the Midwest/Northeast
2. Non-uniform distribution of insect pests this season
3. Generally low levels of PC damage this season
4. Effect of a low fruit year on the next year’s arthropod populations
5. Japanese beetle migration
6. An approach to aphid infestations
7. Unexplained leaf burn possibly from an over-application of / sensitivity to neem
8. Benefits of backpack sprayers
9. Approaches to sooty blotch/fly speck: neem and fermented horsetail tea, baking soda, etc.
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