Pheromone Disruption to Control Codling Moth in Bayfield Apple Orchards

In cooperation with the Bayfield apple growers, a two-step codling moth control program is underway to help growers reduce the number of spray applications for codling moth.
Step 1: Removing Abandoned Apple Trees to Reduce Codling Moth Populations
Step 2: Using Mating Disruption to Prevent Egg-Laying
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The two-step codling moth control program appears to be
working for Bayfield growers and should provide an alternative
or supplement to the typical chemical control programs.
However, because there are other insect pests in
the orchards at the same time as the codling moth, the
pheromone disruption will not eliminate the need for
spraying. Treatments for apple maggot or plum curculio
will likely be necessary with the added benefit of providing
some codling moth control. However, as was the experience
of the growers in 2009, the pheromone disruption
can reduce the number of sprays needed and can allow the
growers to target the other pests. The goal in 2010 is to
trial the pheromone disruption on a wider scale.