The Northeast Eco Apple Project, funded by EPA, Region 1 Strategic Agriculture Initiative and an anonymous foundation, qualifies participating growers using a set of mandatory standards for ecological production in the Northeast. Grower adherence to these practices is verified by an on-site, independent third-party inspection prior to harvest. The standards were drafted by the IPM Institute with input from a working group including area growers and consultants, and scientists from University of Massachusetts and Cornell University. Eco Apples are distributed by Red Tomato, a non-profit based in Plainville, MA, working to preserve ecological agriculture in the Northeastern US. The first harvest was in 2005.

Several documents are available to download:

Red Tomato Core Eco Protocol v2.1

Red Tomato Eco Apple Supplement v2.4

Eco Stone Fruit Supplement v2.0

Eco Apple Quick Guide v9.9


Last updated April 19, 2017.

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