The Northeast Eco Apple Project, funded by EPA, Region 1 Strategic Agriculture Initiative and an anonymous foundation, qualifies participating growers using a set of mandatory standards for ecological production in the Northeast. Grower adherence to these practices is verified by an on-site, independent third-party inspection prior to harvest. The standards were drafted by the IPM Institute with input from a working group including area growers and consultants, and scientists from University of Massachusetts and Cornell University. Eco Apples are distributed by Red Tomato, a non-profit based in Plainville, MA, working to preserve ecological agriculture in the Northeastern US. The first harvest was in 2005.

Download he most recent versions of the Red Tomato Eco protocols:

Red Tomato Core Eco Protocol DRAFT 2018 v2.2

Red Tomato Eco Apple Supplement DRAFT 2018 v2.5

Red Tomato Eco Stone Fruit Supplement DRAFT 2018 v2.1

Eco Apple Quick Guide DRAFT 2018 v10.0


Last updated February 16, 2018.

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