Since 2009 we have been helping apple and specialty crop producers manage pests and crop production using the latest Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies.  Our services for apples, grapes, hops and berries are tailored to your needs and budget.

  • Do you have a specific pest problem?
  • Are you curious how to best use the latest IPM technology?
  • Do you want to learn more about the behavior and biology of pests and beneficial insects that inhabit your farm?
  • Do you want to learn more about pruning and training for trellised orchards?

Why IPM?

IPM is science based and takes a common-sense approach to managing pests in agriculture.  Our services can help improve your ability to identify pests, make critical decisions, manage costs and meet marketplace requirements for clean, safe and healthy food. Agriculture is an ever-changing landscape.  Learning about new management strategies, pest resistance, new pests and how to use the latest science are all essential to implementing an effective IPM program.

Growing specialty crops is an expensive, high-risk venture and pest management is perhaps one of the more challenging components of a farming enterprise.  This requires careful consideration and tactical decisions.  Our IPM programs can help you make data-driven decisions using the best resources to help minimize risk of surprises or failures in your crop-management program.

Products and Services

  • On-farm technical assistance:
    • Weekly and bi-weekly scouting and diagnosing insects, diseases and weeds
    • Pest management recommendations including pesticide selection, use of biological controls and semiochemicals, e.g., mating disruption
    • Sprayer calibration and spray-coverage assessments
    • Collection of soil, tissue and fruit samples for laboratory diagnosis and analysis
    • Pre-harvest damage assessments
  • Other services:
    • Pest-management planning including written instructions and training on pest monitoring, use of thresholds and pesticide selection
    • Digitization of pesticide-application records for pesticide reporting, food-safety certifications and other third-party audit programs
    • IPM planning calendar
    • Scouting and monitoring supplies
    • AppleTalk conference call

Who uses our services?

Our on-farm technical assistance is available to any specialty crop producer within a two to three-hour drive of Madison or Lacrosse Wisconsin. Spray record digitization and IPM planning are available to anyone in the lower 48 states.  We are currently accepting new clients who produce apples, grapes, hops and berries.  Everyone from beginning farmers to the most established orchards in the region participate in our programs. No farm is too small or large and all stand to benefit from our programs.

Getting Started

Our scouting and technical-assistance programs are provided through a series of on-farm sessions over the course of the growing season.  Consultations are either weekly or bi-weekly and begin in late April and include one or more pre-season visits and conclude at the beginning of harvest.  Prior to the delivery of services, we require a contract which identifies the number of visits for the season and a down payment for our services. Fees for scouting and on-farm technical assistance reflect the time required on the farm, travel, visit followup and administration. Spray-record management, pest-management planning and other customized services are invoiced using our hourly rates.






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