School IPM 2020 is a long-term collaborative initiative working to reduce pest problems and pesticide hazards in U.S. schools.

We aim to educate school administrators, facility managers, maintenance, custodial and grounds staff, teachers, parents and anyone involved in improving environmental quality for children about the benefits of Integrated Pest Management, a low-risk discipline of proactive, preventative, common sense pest management. We seek to reduce pest problems and improve pest management practices in all of our nation’s schools.

Please see here for the latest version of the School IPM 2020 Pest Management Strategic Plan, our living roadmap to achieving high-level IPM in all US schools.

We hold regular calls with the National School IPM Steering and Advisory Committee which is made up of two leaders from each of four regional school IPM working groups (Northeast, North Central, Southern, and Western) and steers the implementation of the School IPM 2020 Pest Management Strategic Plan in the regions. Members of the regional working groups are representatives from each state within the region.

The North Central School Working Group has worked to increase IPM adoption in schools in the North-Central region since 2008. Find out who the working group members are. Members include Integrated Pest Management professionals, scientists, researchers and experts from land grant university IPM programs, government, private industry, and nonprofit representatives.

Contact us if you are interested in joining the Working Group.

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The Pest Defense for Healthy Schools – Free Online IPM Training for School Staff

The Pest Defense for Healthy Schools, formerly known as Stop School Pests, is one of School IPM 2020’s signature projects. The Pest Defense is a free online training designed for school  who are a part of improving environmental health for students through the safe and effective management of pests. IPM is a team effort and it is important that everyone working in schools knows they play a role in the process. Only by working together can IPM programs reach their full potential!

The project is part of a national, multi-agency collaboration with a common goal of reducing risks associated with pests and pest management practices in schools. The team chose to focus on one of the earliest steps involved in the IPM implementation effort–IPM education.

The full training course is available at no cost at In-person training materials are available for download here. For questions or feedback on the training, please contact

The coordination of the National School IPM Steering Committee is supported by funding of the USDA North Central IPM Center

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