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Does your pest control service provider arrive at your facility with sprayer in hand?  Are mice, cockroaches or ants persistent problems in your workplace?  If so, you’re not getting the service you deserve!

IPM is a proven solution!  Dr. Albert Greene documented a 90% reduction in both pest complaints and pesticide use in public buildings managed by his US General Services Administration.  Dr. Greene and collaborators achieved these reductions primarily by developing IPM-based bids and contracts for structural pest management, coupled with competent oversight of service providers.

Luis Agurto and PESTEC, an IPM service provider, has a long-running track record of excellent pest control without spray applications in San Francisco City and County Buildings.

You deserve the same excellent pest control and reductions in pest and pesticide hazards.  These pages provide resources and information to help managers in commercial facilities and public agencies, including federal, state and local governments, to solve pest problems and reduce impacts of pests and pesticides on health and environment.Dr. Greene’s publication, presentation at a recent work shop and conference call presentation notes are among the resources available below.  PESTEC’s presentation on least-toxic bed bug approaches is also available.Service providers are also encouraged to review the resources provided here to improve their service offerings to public and commercial sector clients.  The demand for “green” facility management approaches is a growing market for your high performance IPM services. Please contact us with comments or suggestions including additional programs, resources and events.


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