Rat Expert Bobby Corrigan Earns NYSIPM’s Excellence in IPM Award

Renowned rodent control expert Robert Corrigan has been awarded an Excellence in IPM award by the New York State IPM Program (NYSIPM) at Cornell University. Legendary for his unassailable integrity, firm conviction and extensive knowledge and experience, Corrigan has taught and inspired legions of fellow urban pest management professionals with his philosophy of straightforward, common sense integrated pest management.  Corrigan’s focus has always been on preventing pests through sanitation and exclusion, and his followers tout his extensive skill in bringing people together to make IPM happen.

Corrigan is a founding member of the Scientific Coalition On Pest Exclusion (SCOPE 2020) Working Group, a committee formed to conduct and communicate research on pest exclusion.

For more on Dr. Corrigan’s prestigious award, visit NYSIPM’s page here.