Request for Proposals in Community Integrated Pest Management

The New York State Integrated Pest Management (NYS IPM) Program helps New Yorkers address pest problems while minimizing environmental, health, and economic risks through the use of innovative biological, cultural, technological, and educational practices. Community IPM takes place in settings other than agricultural production—including, but not limited to school buildings, grounds and curriculum; structures; child care; street trees; residential landscapes; golf courses; lawns; parks and right-of-ways. Community IPM Program practitioners can include structural pest managers, school administrators and teachers, lawn care professionals, health care professionals, golf course superintendents, arborists, Master Gardeners and other multipliers, homeowners, and members of environmental and health advocacy groups.

NYSIPM Community Projects
The NYS IPM Program invites grant proposals from Cornell campus-based faculty and staff, and off-campus Cornell-based Cooperative Extension educators interested in initiating, developing, evaluating, or demonstrating the feasibility of IPM methods. Unfortunately we cannot fund staff salary for County-based Cooperative Extension agents, faculty and staff of other educational institutions, or members of organizations outside of Cornell because of funding restrictions. Applicants outside of the Cornell University and Cornell Cooperative Extension systems should contact Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann prior to submission to determine if funding is possible with a Cornell partner. Budgets may not exceed $8,500. Project awards will be announced in April 2018, and funds must be spent by February 28, 2019.

Full details can be found here.