The School IPM 2020 Project: The main site of the School IPM Working Group, a group of stakeholders working together towards widespread adoption and implementation of integrated pest management in all US schools by 2020.

School IPM 2020 Strategic Plan: A working draft of a plan that addresses the need to implement IPM in all US schools by 2020.

IPM STAR: Third-party certification program for school systems, childcare centers and school-age child programs.

School IPM eNewsletters: Monthly electronic newsletters on a variety of school IPM topics.

IPM Standards: A resource that outlines more than 700 IPM practices for use in schools, as well as informationĀ on how to implement these practices.

School IPM Headlines: News articles that pertain to IPM in schools, as well as ones that deal with IPM and pesticide use
in general.

IPM Standards for School Buildings: Recommended IPM practices for school buildings.

IPM Standards for School Grounds: Recommended IPM practices for school landscapes and grounds.

Links & Resources: Links related to school IPM including model legislation, school pest management practice surveys, IPM curricula and project ideas for teachers.

Other Sensitive Environments: IPM Standards for Schools can be implemented in other environments, including day cares, nurseries, pre-schools, hospitals and nursing homes.