This page corresponds to Appendix L. School IPM Toolbox in the School IPM 2020 Strategic Plan.

The following tools were compiled primarily by Dr. Dawn Gouge and Jennifer Snyder, University of Arizona in 2007 with support from US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs.  Additional tools were contributed by working group members and others. A number of these tools can also be found with additional tools including short videos at

1. Model IPM Program Documents and Technical Guides

IPM Policy  [.doc] IPM Policy Version Two [.doc] IPM Pest Monitoring Protocol [.doc] Architectural Guidelines [.doc] New Construction Specifications [.doc] Guide to Contracting with a Pest Management Professional [.doc] Best School IPM Implementation Manuals [.doc]

Sources of IPM Fact Sheets for Specific Pests  [.doc]

California Department of Pesticide Regulation pest management guide book with fact sheets

Cornell Cooperative Extension fact sheet

Iowa State University IPM fact sheet

Minnesota Department of Agriculture fact sheets

Ohio Online fact sheets

Pennsylvania State University insect fact sheets

Purdue University

Rutgers University Cooperative Extension household pests fact sheets:

Texas A & M University Cooperative Extension fact sheets

University of California IPM fact sheets

University of Florida school IPM fact sheets

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University insect fact sheets

Washington State University and partners Urban Pesticide Education Strategy Team insect fact sheets


IPM Institute of North America, Inc.

IPM Pest Monitoring Protocol [.doc] Evaluating your IPM Program [.doc] IPM Program Flier [.doc] Pesticide Application Notice [.doc]

2. IPM Checklists

IPM Self-Inspection Sheet [.xls] Corrective Action Needed Notice [.doc] School IPM Audit Checklist [.doc] School IPM Audit Report Template [.doc]

3. Model Indoor Air Quality Checklists

Administrative Staff Checklist [.doc] Building Maintenance Checklist [.doc] Food Service Checklist [.doc] IPM Checklist [.doc] Renovation and Repair Checklist [.doc] School Official Checklist [.doc] Ventilation Checklist [.doc] Walkthrough Checklist [.doc]

4. Model Pest Sighting Logs

Kitchen [.doc] Main Office [.doc] Staff Lounge [.doc]

5. Powerpoint Presentations

Introduction to IPM [.ppt] Asthma and School IAQ & IPM [.ppt] School IPM for Custodians [.ppt] School IPM for Faculty [.ppt] School IPM for Kitchens [.ppt] School IPM for Maintenance and Grounds Staff  [.ppt] School IPM for Students [.ppt] Assorted Posters [.ppt]

6. Other Visual Aids

Pest Conducive Conditions Wheel, V1 Base (US EPA)  [.jpg] Pest Conducive Conditions Wheel, Middle  [.jpg] Pest Conducive Conditions Wheel, Top  [.jpg]

7. Model IPM Training Curricula for Pest Managers and School Professionals

The following curricula were developed by Bill and Jean Currie of the International Pest Management Institute (docs without links in preparation):
Area Facility Managers [.doc] [PDF] Area Food Service Supervisors [.doc] [PDF] Area Operations Supervisors [.doc] [PDF] Cafeteria Managers  [.doc] [PDF] Cafeteria Training Specialists [.doc] [PDF] Carpenters [.doc] [PDF] Complex Project Managers [.doc] [PDF] Delivery Staff [.doc] [PDF] Electricians [.doc] [PDF] Floor Covering Installers [.doc] [PDF] Gardeners [.doc] [PDF] HVAC Installers [.doc] [PDF] Local District Facilities Directors [.doc] [PDF] Manufacturing Kitchen Staff [.doc] [PDF] Nurses [.doc] [PDF] Nutrition Center Staff [.doc] [PDF] Nutrition Specialists [.doc] [PDF] Painters [.doc] [PDF] Plant Managers [.doc] [PDF] Plumbers [.doc] [PDF] Pest Management Technicians [.doc] [PDF] Principals [.doc] [PDF] Project Managers [.doc] [PDF] Roofers [.doc] [PDF] Sheet Metal Installers [.doc] [PDF] Teachers [.doc] [PDF] Tree Trimmers [.doc] [PDF] Warehouse Staff [.doc] [PDF]

The following pest-specific curricula were developed by California Department of Pesticide Regulation and are available at
Burrowing rodents [PDF] Landscape weeds [PDF] Structural IPM [PDF] Turf weeds [PDF] Yellowjackets [PDF]

8. Recognition and Rewards

Rewards and Recognition Programs  [.doc] IPM STAR
US EPA Office of Children’s Health
Model Certificate of Recognition  [.doc]

9. Pest Press Newsletter Editions

Pest Press Compilation.  University of Florida
Pest Press Compilation.  University of Arizona