Midwest Apple Grower School

Calling all beginning to intermediate apple growers!

Are you interested in starting your own orchard? Are you curious about what might be the best design or tree selection for your vision? Have you already planted trees and are wondering what to do next?

The IPM Institute is hosting the Midwest Apple Grower School to answer these questions and more! Join us for three days of grower led courses, including a day in the orchard, January 19-21, 2024 in Madison, WI. 

The courses cover a variety of topics, such as: marketing & selling apples; orchard design; rootstock and varieties; managing soil and tree health; managing dwarf, semi-dwarf and high density orchards; managing apple pests and diseases using IPM; biodiversity in the orchard; labor and labor management and sprayer calibration.

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Marnie McMullin

Project Manager I: Specialty Crops

Peter Werts

Senior Project Manager: Sustainable Food Group