Spray Program Manager

You can download this Spray Program Manager Spreadsheet to help set up/compare chemical budgets. Please see Bob Barthel’s note about the program below.
Download file
…From Bob Barthel, Thursday, Mar 1, 2007:
As winter wains, most of us are setting up our chemical budgets and purchasing pesticides. I found this spreadsheet from PSU extension which is described as:
“This program is designed to help growers choose a successful spray program that minimizes costs costs, but maintains efficacy”.
This spreadsheet is designed for growers to create and compare three spray programs with various chemicals. The analysis focuses on cost analysis, regulatory checkup, and total product used. It does not have the eco-apple risk load by chemical. However, it is the best budgeting worksheet I’ve seen. Before use, you have to update the actual chemical costs.
(thanks for the help Bob!)