The New York State Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program seeks Nominations for 2017 “Excellence in IPM Awards”

Candidates for Excellence in IPM Awards should be individuals or organizations whose work in in New York State in IPM deserves special recognition. They can be awarded for:
– developing new IPM tools;
– implementing or evaluating IPM methods in their operations, businesses, or organizations;
– encouraging demonstrations and adoption of IPM;
– promoting IPM and bolstering the adoption of IPM practices; or
– educating others about IPM.

Previous IPM award winners have worked with the NYS IPM Program, commodity groups, private organizations, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and in other settings to help develop and promote the use of IPM. We seek nominations for people in agricultural IPM (fruit, vegetables, ornamentals, and livestock and field crops) and community IPM (schools, homes, landscapes, turf, and municipalities). New Yorkers involved in communicating about IPM through the media are also eligible.

For additional information about the NYS IPM Program:
For more details about previous award winners:

What to Submit
To nominate an individual or an organization, you must meet one of these criteria or co-nominate with someone who does:
a) be an employee of Cornell University or Cornell Cooperative Extension; or
b) serve on a NYS IPM Program committee.

No self-nominations will be accepted. Re-nominations of people suggested in other years are welcome if the materials are updated.

Nominators: Please submit a signed letter on letterhead with the following information (no longer than two pages):
**Note, a Word version of your letter is also appreciated (but not required) for easier quotating in press releases and articles.
– Your name, title, organization, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and affiliation with the nominee.
– Nominee’s name, title, organization, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
– Reasons for the nomination, including a description of the nominee’s operation (e.g., farm, consulting firm, business) if applicable, IPM philosophy, IPM innovations, and other activities relevant to IPM. If you are nominating an organization, describe the goals, business products or services and its IPM philosophy and practices.
– Suggestions for suitable venues for presenting the award, for example the statewide Fruit and Vegetable Expo or NYS Turf & Grounds Expo.
– Photos of the nominee practicing IPM are appreciated (but not required) at the time of submission, or later if you are notified that your nominee has won an award.

Please also submit:
– At least two supporting letters of recommendation from people who have been positively affected by the nominee, also signed. (Again, Word versions appreciated).
– Additional information (newspaper articles, letters, photographs, etc.) as appropriate.

**NEW as of 2016**
We plan to make the nominating letter, and letters of support, available to award winners. We may also want to quote your letter in press releases or other venues. If you do NOT want the nominee to see your letter, or to have a quote attributed to you, clearly state this in your letter.

Where to Submit
Address letters to Dr. Jennifer Grant, Director, NYS IPM Program
Submit nominations and supporting materials to:
Janet Garlick, Administrator
NYS IPM Program
630 W. North Street
Geneva, NY 14456

**NEW as of 2016**
We will accept nominations and supporting letters as soft copies, if the letters are signed, on letterhead and sent as PDFs. As stated above, Word versions are also appreciated. Email messages are not acceptable.

Nominations must be received at the IPM Program office on or before Monday October 23th, 2017. Email submissions will not be accepted.

Determination of Award Winners
The NYS IPM Program staff work with Cornell Cooperative Extension, the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and the IPM Operating Committee to select Excellence in IPM Award winners from the nomination pool.

Presentation of Awards
IPM awards are traditionally presented at a professional meeting or conference, appropriate to the individual’s area of expertise. Such events allow award winners to be recognized by their colleagues and friends. Your suggestions on an appropriate venue for presentation are welcomed and greatly appreciated.