We need your input on the Organic Apple Grower’s Hour

To all those who listened in to the Organic Apple Grower’s Hour:
We hope you enjoyed our first season of holistic apple management conference calls. Now we need you to help us by taking a moment to complete an evaluation of the calls.
Here is why, during this busy harvest time, we are asking you to complete this evaluation: If the calls are to continue, we will need to submit another grant by November. Before we write that grant, however, we need to know from you whether or not the calls made a significant positive impact. We also need to know how they should be improved, and if there is a better time of year for them to occur.
The survey is 16 questions long, and it probably won’t take more than ten or fifteen minutes to complete. I will be calling those of you for whom I have phone numbers to give you the option of doing the evaluation over the phone. Thanks for your participation!-Lisa
Here is the evaluation:
Download file