We need your input to improve our IPM conference calls and blog

To all who listened to the IPM conference calls and/or who visit the Apple Talk blog:
Thanks for participating in another great season of IPM knowledge sharing. Now we need you to help us by taking a moment to complete the evaluation of the calls and blog below.
Here is why, during this busy time, we are asking you to complete this evaluation: While the calls are still fresh in your mind, we need you to tell us what kind of impact they make on your operation and how they can be improved. We’ll use your input to justify these services to our funders and to make them better next year.
The survey is twenty questions long, and it probably won’t take more than ten minutes to complete. I will be calling those of you for whom I have phone numbers to give you the option of doing the evaluation over the phone. Thanks again for your participation!
Click on “Download file” to open the survey:
Download file