Web-based tree fruit IPM resources

National and regional web-based tree fruit IPM resources
from Peter Werts

· Apple Crop email discussion group: http://www.virtualorchard.net/applecrop.html. The goal of this listserv is to provide a forum which will foster the exchange of information between University researchers, Extension agents and specialists, students, commercial apple growers, wholesalers/brokers, retailers and direct marketers of apples.

· Cornell Scaffolds Fruit Journal: http://www.scaffolds.entomology.cornell.edu/. This is a weekly pest bulletin covering pest management and crop development. Often tree and insect phonological stages in New York and New England states are ahead of the upper Midwest, but the pest and disease complex is very similar and contains information very relevant for growers in our region. This bulletin is free and can be downloaded or subscribed too.

· Michigan Fruit Crop Advisory: http://www.ipmnews.msu.edu/fruit/. This website provides individual articles on a range of fruit crops. An email with links to articles is sent out weekly through the growing season and articles are also published here in the off-season.

· Illinois Fruit IPM News: http://ipm.illinois.edu/ifvn/. This weekly bulletin is available in print or online from the University of Illinois Extension. This weekly publication covers IPM information for a variety of fruit and vegetable crops and provides regional updates on crops.