Website Updates: AAFC’s Pest Management Centre

The Pest Management Centre (PMC) at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has new information available on its website.

Visit the PMC Website or click on the hyperlinks below for new information about PMC’s activities.

The Minor Use Pesticides Program has posted updated Submissions (May 9th) and Project Status by Crop (May 10th) reports.

The Pesticide Risk Reduction program has posted an updated reduced risk strategy for Cabbage maggot in brassica crops.

New information about the following 3 projects is available on the PMC website.
Visit the Pesticide Risk Reduction Approved Projects section or click on the links below.

Project Code: PRR12-110
Project Title: Field testing rutabaga cultivars for resistance to cabbage maggot
Crop: Rutabaga

Project Code: PRR10-140
Project Title: Development of rutabaga cultivars resistant to Cabbage maggot
Crop: Rutabaga

Project Code: PRR17-040
Project Title: Development and demonstration of integrated management practices for tarnished plant bug in day-neutral strawberries
Crop: Strawberry