A note about OxiDate

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received several questions about the fungicide/bactericide OxiDate. Here are some of John Aue and Patty McManus’ general comments and impressions about the product.

  • It is a fairly good surface sterilant (it reduces the number and extent of fungi and bacteria on plant surfaces).
  • It has very short-lived anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity. Because it is only effective for several hours rather than several days, it could not function as a “protectant” like other products do.
  • OxiDate could theoretically help in disease prevention. But because OxiDate will disrupt the microbial life on a plant’s surfaces, it could just as likely hamper the natural resistance of the tree and “open up a can of worms.”
  • Is it able to damage the spore producing layers of a fungal lesion (e.g. Ventura inequalis conidia, or Apple scab)?
    • Its sanitizing effect might temporarily “stun” a scab lesion, but the scab would probably bounce back pretty quickly and start producing spores again.

Thanks to John and Patty for their comments.