May 13, 2008 Conference Call Summary

Note: Today we jumped straight into Conversation Topics, rather than starting with John’s updates.
Conversation Topics
1. Maryblyt vs. Cougarblyt for Wisconsin
2. How cool weather affects fire blight prediction models
3. Deciding when to spray for fire blight
4. Using more than just a protectant spray for scab during the peak scab season
5. Possible troubles with thinning when using Apogee for shoot blight reduction
6. Findings from the Risk Avoidance and Mitigation Program (RAMP): non-OP materials not always providing adequate control of PC in stone fruits
7. An update from John on the arthropods he has seen in orchards recently
8. Using the leafroller model, lowering the leafroller threshold on young trees
9. What to consider when squash mount data still indicates 0% spore maturity at this point in the season
10. Weather sites: growers’ favorites, reliability of wind predictions, NOAA fire weather forecast
11. Where to get Isomate C+ for mating disruption
If you would like to hear the call recording, dial (641) 715-3436, then enter the access code: 516817. You will be able to hear the recording on the telephone until it is replaced by the next week’s call. You can also hear this recording anytime by downloading the audio file below.

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