Organic Apple Growers’ Hour: April 16 Summary & Download

Balancing Insect Dynamics

The choices we make to deal with pest situations begin with the perspective we hold as fruit growers. Ignoring diversity and biological cycles makes insect dynamics all the more problematic without a toxic arsenal. Michael will quickly overview each approach and then through mutual conversation try to zero in on the nuance of different choices. Bringing system health to the fore creates new ways for us to see how to do better.

Coming to Terms

  • Restoring perspective to IPM
  • Correlating spray choices to insect biology
  • Tank mixing considerations and timing
  • Choosing between “balance” and “control”

Early spring

  • Exceptions for using dormant oil
  • Bt at pink for the bud eaters
  • Enjoy life while the orchard looks good!

Petal Fall Triad

  • Sawfly, curculio, & codling moth
  • Righteous kaolin clay coverage
  • Closing the curculio window
  • Push & Pull strategies
  • Trap tree understory management
  • Fruit thinning as a pest control tool

Moths and more moths

  • Monitoring and degree day tracking
  • Species mix compounds each situation
  • Overview of control options
  • Rotate approach to fit moth pressure
  • Pure neem oil’s azadirachtin component inhibits molting cycle

Japanese beetle, leafhoppers, mites, borers

  • Jap traps, draw plants, milky spore, winsome fly, spray thoughts
  • Foliar pest flare-ups
  • Okay, okay—why you all need round-headed appletree borers in the Midwest!

Apple maggot fly

  • AMF trap nuance, new developments, homemade gem
  • Timely drop sanitation makes for a clean orchard

If you would like to hear the call recording, dial (712) 432-1284, then enter this access code: 868736. Each week’s recording will be available via telephone until it is erased by the following week’s call.

Download the call recording