UPCOMING COURSE! JUNE 22, Effective Use of Pheromone Traps and Mating Disruption

When?       Wednesday June 22, 2011, 9am-3pm
Where?     near Galesville, WI
How much?   $25


About the course

This new course about effective use of pheromone traps and mating disruption will:

  • increase your knowledge of various monitoring lures and trap designs
  • provide you with a foundation for effective use of phermone-based controls for lepidopteran fruit pests
  • show you how to optimize placement of  phermone traps

This unique, innovative program provides an intensive, one-day applied course including hands-on demonstrations in the field. It also provides an opportunity for you to learn about the current research being conducted on codling moth in Bayfield and Door Counties, Wisconsin and in Michigan.

Dr. Larry Gut is a tree fruit entomologist at Michigan State University with special research interests in mating disruption and other selective controls. Matt Stasiak is a fruit researcher and Assistant Superintendent at the UW-Madison Peninsular Agricultural Research Station.


Course objectives

Phermone-based mating disruption (MD) has become an important component of fruit IPM programs. Excellent monitoring programs are required for successful implementation of IPM programs that rely on MD and other selective controls.

Course members will learn how to:

  • place phermone traps within the tree canopy
  • position pheromone traps within the orchard
  • use various mating disruption technologies

Course size is limited to 40 participants, which will allow for active discussions and interaction. The course is targeted to IPM practitioners, to enable them to maximize the effectiveness of their use of pheromone traps and mating disruption.